Interview via Skype

Every day more and more interviews are performed via SKYPE and this way of getting to know other candidate partners has gained recognition by lots of supporters.  Long distance interviews and business meetings are becoming more frequent as time goes by and sooner or later you may find yourself in a need to have such an interview,   so you should read the following advice in order to make the best  impression  and be accepted for a job,  for studies or for volunteer work.

Show that you are the most suitable candidate

In order to be successful in an interview, it is advisable  to prepare yourself in every way possible .  Firstly, you have to do a research concerning the company on the INTERNET,  find its website,  its page on Facebook  and watch pictures of people working there to see their style and dressing.  Then get ready,  because if your everyday outlook is like the one each of us has at home,  it will take a long time to change yourself and look fresh and modern.   You may be tempted to dress well only up to the waist,  since you will be sitting at your desk;  it is much better to be appropriately dressed all over,  because  you never know what might come up. Perhaps it may be necessary to stand up. It is also a psychological issue,  because you get in the right mood for work when you are properly dressed for a business meeting.

Prepare your background during a Skype call

Whether it is a simple call or a video calling, the interview should be held in quiet surroundings in a serious and moderate area which can be isolated by a door from the rest of the house.  Turn around and check the room as this is what the interviewer will see on the video. An untidy space will disorientate your audience and might give them the wrong impression about your organizational skills. Also, clear out the place of your personal belongings, as this is not the right time to share your intimate moments with your potential employers. Besides, be sure to have previously informed all those living with you about this interview, because you may not want to be interrupted by a voice, a phone call or some deafening music from the next door neighbors.

Make rehearsals

If you aren’t experienced enough for such video calls, you may feel uncomfortable and awkward at first, you might not know where to direct your glance or what to do with your hands and it may not be easy to control the volume of your voice. All these problems are solved with training.  You can try a ‘mock’ interview with a friend as practice which you can record in order to get a clear idea of what it will be like in the video.  Analyze the file, repeat the procedure as many times as necessary until you feel satisfied with the results.

Check your username

Your username is the first thing that will appear on the screen and will be seen during the interview. Make certain that it is professional with your name in it.

Remember to smile!

In a conventional interview you would be meeting someone in person, you would be smiling to greet him and you would maintain a pleasant expression throughout the interview. Perhaps it is more difficult to do so in an interview via Internet, when the person you are talking to is not near you. However, try to look as natural as possible and behave as you would have done in similar circumstances. Smiling is the best way to break the ice and develop a good contact with the caller. Even if it is a telephone call, if you smile it is immediately perceived by the listener. Even if all this seems quite difficult, then practice a little more before starting the interview by calling a friend who can make you laugh or stick a picture with a smiley face behind your computer to remind you of what you should do. And don’t forget to look constantly at the camera, and not at your screen or your listener’s screen.

Be composed and focused during the conversation

In an interview, it is vital to listen carefully besides talking.  You should give the caller the ability to understand that you keep track with what he says and you follow the pace of the discussion. Use certain exclamations such as, “hm..”  or “yes..” to express your participation and to show that you agree with what you hear. Speak slowly and clearly as there are long delays in the return of the sound. Take advantage of this time to organize your thoughts better and say exactly what you have to say. Remember to remain concentrated on the conversation and do not start messing things around, because there is nothing worse than to get distracted during a business meeting. It is bound to show indifference or boredom and this is not positive about your character.

If necessary, take down some notes

The advantage of having such an interview via Internet is that you don’t need to learn various things by heart, but you can write down some important details on a piece of paper next to you. Of course, you mustn’t start reading your notes as if you read a poem; read them well beforehand and keep the main points clearly written and readable from a distance.

Be ready to deal with technological problems in case they come up

When an interview is based on technology, many problems may arise, like a low-speed connection, bad signal and many more. You may hesitate to pay attention to the problem, but you surely don’t want to convey the feeling that you didn’t catch the meaning of the question. For this reason, if you become aware that there is some kind of problem in the connection, the signal or the equipment, try quickly to repair it in order to get better quality communication. Your initiative will probably impress your future employers who will probably be interested to see that you are not inactive when the problem occurs. In any case, it is sensible to have your laptop continuously plugged in and your cell phone handy with the setting of “silent” and be ready to contact the caller if the connection is cut off.